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LP729 Gaffer Tape Angled View

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  • LP729 Gaffer Tape 2 Rolls Stacked
  • LP729 Gaffer Tape Angled View
  • LP729 Gaffer Tape Side View
  • LP729 Gaffer Tape Marking Stand
  • LP729 Gaffer Tape Holding Gel
  • LP729 Gaffer Tape Bundling Cable

1" x 8 yd Gaffer Tape - Black


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Quick Overview

- 8 yards of grippy gaff tape goodness
- Tears easily and won't leave residue
- Constantly yells "This is a stick up!"


The LP729 1” x 8 yd Gaffer Tape is the perfect size to keep in your gear bag, your car or even your pocket! This roll’s small size and weight give you the handy benefits of having gaff tape on hand, without the extra bulk in your bag. This tape tears easily and won’t leave residue on whatever surface you adhere it to.

Gaff tape is the answer to 8 out of 10* problems on set, on location or just in everyday life. Gels need attached to a flash? Gaff tape! Need a DIY snoot? Gaff tape! Cables need bundled? Gaff tape! Need an impromptu adhesive bandage? GAFF TAPE!

*We don’t actually have data to back this up, but it’s probably true.


Weight: 1.95 oz
Full roll diameter: 3.75 in / 9.53 cm
Width: 1 in / 2.5 cm
Length: 8 yd / 7.3 m
Finish: Matte

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