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Tristan Jud - Perth, Australia

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After years of playing around with a camera it was time to upgrade to what I call a “proper” camera which is a DSLR. It was at this point that my life changed for the better. Not long after playing around with the camera I started to progress and explore the world of photography in a more serious nature. After doing a few workshops I started looking for opportunities to try out some real life photography which landed me in the fashion and glamour section. It was about this time that I started moving into off camera lighting and so the determination to become a pro photographer grew.


Jayesunn Krump - Oregon, USA

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I was born and raised in the Midwest. As a touring musician, fell in love with the Pacific northwest and decided to make it my home. When I stopped touring and started a family I picked up a camera for the first time with a different eye. Shooting my first child really began my love affair with the camera. I began to photograph anything and everything around me. Just about all of my free time was spent with a camera or a book about photography in my hand. Eventually I became the friend that you would call if you needed some shots done, and it just grew from there. Twelve years later I have photographed people from all walks of life, from celebrities to children, and I haven't stopped. I try to pick up my camera every day and try something new.


John Rathwell – Ontario, Canada

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John Rathwell is a self-taught photographer and creative based in Ottawa, Ontario. His work is layered by action sports, nature, travel and lifestyle. When asked about the limitations of being self-taught John’s response is “schools always concentrate so heavily on the technical side of photography and forcing the image. They forget about the most important part: the creative side, the moment, the raw beauty of the scene”. His self-taught ways have not held him back working for some of the largest companies in the action sports world such as Red Bull and Grind Media. He has even taken his creative driven photography techniques to Algonquin College where he has taught his progressive photography theories to students.



Nick Fancher – Ohio, USA

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I began my photography education in high school in 1997. I attended Ft. Hayes High School's career center for Commercial Photography. I went on to get my BFA in photography from Ohio State in 2005. I'm currently based in Columbus, Ohio and available for freelance worldwide.

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• American Chemical Society
• Delta Gamma
• Elmer's Glue
• ESPN Magazine
• JackThreads
• The New York Times
• Ohio Health
• The Ohio State University
• RM Auctions
• Rocky Boots
• Scott's Miracle Gro
• Skreened



Sean Hoyden – Virginia, USA

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I'm what most would call a "serious amateur". Photography was something I picked up in high school but never had time for while I was in the Navy. In early 2004, I discovered that there was a large hobbyist community of train lovers, and I decided to follow suit and learn railroad photography for my own enjoyment. Around 2006, I took my railroad photography into an even smaller niche; nighttime photos using Off-Camera Flash (OCF). I've been almost exclusively a "night shooter" ever since. While trains are not my only subject, they are certainly my favorite. I've done nighttime contract work for numerous railroads and transportation companies, as well as fire and rescue departments. In my "grown-up life", I work as a defense contractor in the Washington, D.C. area and live in Northern Virginia. My goal is to travel the United States taking night photos of trains in every mainland state. My dream is to make a living taking night photos of trains and railroads; that's why they call it a dream!


Daniel T. Jester – California, USA

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At 8 years old I found a camera in the lost and found of my grandmother’s resort ranch in Tucson, Arizona. With no clue how to use the old film SLR, I spent hours with it teaching myself the functions of the camera and started taking “pictures” (without film).

Flash forward to 2005, I began my career as a professional photographer and rekindled my relationship with old film SLRs. Discovering LumoPro in 2010 changed my camera bag and my career forever. When I purchased my first LP160, to pair with my major brand TTL flash (that I used almost always on camera), I started dabbling in speedlight driven off camera flash both in studio and on location.

Since that time LumoPro has become a trusted part of my home studio and camera bag. I’m happy to be an affiliate team member and I look forward to helping new photographers discover the quality and service that the LumoPro brand represents.