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Grip Equipment

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  1. C-Stand Base Adapter

    C-Stand Base Adapter

    Sku: LP688

    - Converts a female 1 1/8" C-stand receiver to male 5/8" post
    - Allows low profile mounting of lights or accessories
    - Wears sunglasses at night Learn More
  2. Double Flash Bracket Speedring

    Double Flash Bracket Speedring

    Sku: LP739

    - Adapt most speedlights to standard studio softboxes
    - Includes carrying case
    - Lightweight and durable, made from magnesium alloy
    - In emergencies, may be used as the wheel of a ship Learn More
  3. Griphead for C-Stand

    Griphead for C-Stand

    Sku: LP685

    - Mount a boom arm to various support stands
    - More reflective than aluminum foil Learn More
  4. Boom Knuckle

    Boom Knuckle

    Sku: LP650

    - Create jointed extension arms
    - Over 360 degrees of pivotal power! Learn More
  5. Studio Clamp with Stud

    Studio Clamp with Stud

    Sku: LP653

    -Heavy-duty, multi-purpose studio clamp
    - If you look at the image long enough, it looks like an odd fish creature Learn More
  6. 8" Extension Arm with Stud

    8" Extension Arm with Stud

    Sku: LP624

    - Mount to any standard studio clamp
    - Holds extension props, lights or other accessories
    - Shoulder to cry on not included Learn More
  7. Studio Stand

    Studio Stand

    Sku: LP718

    - Mounts lights and modifiers close to the floor
    - Built-in casters for mobility
    - Stubborn (stands its ground) Learn More
  8. 12" Locking Support Arm for Studio Stand

    12" Locking Support Arm for Studio Stand

    Sku: LP723

    - Mount an extra light or accessory to C-stands or studio stands
    - Biceps (and triceps) not included. Learn More
  9. Wall Mount Boom Arm

    Wall Mount Boom Arm

    Sku: LP698

    - Conserve studio floor space
    - Adjust swivel and tilt for flexible setups
    - Does not work well on invisible walls Learn More
  10. Heavy Duty Boom Kit

    Heavy Duty Boom Kit

    Sku: LP694

    - Securely mount most monolights
    - Includes 13 foot light stand, boom arm, counterweight, pivoting clamp and casters
    - Not recommended for use as an engine lift Learn More

Items 11 to 20 of 20 total

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