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LP160 Quad-Sync Manual Flash

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  • LP160 Quad-Sync Manual Flash

LP160 Quad-Sync Manual Flash


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Quick Overview

- Quad-sync flash
- Twice the power of the LP120

Discontinued and Out of Stock.



As of July, 2013, the LP160 has been replaced with the LP180 Quad-Sync Manual Flash. For more information on the LP180, click here.

Questions about the LP180 and other LumoPro® equipment can be directed to support@lumopro.com .

The LP160 Quad-sync flash builds on the success of previous models, like the LP120, giving amateur and professional photographers even more features. Today's digital photographers are looking for powerful, small flashes that are reasonably priced and well constructed. The LP160 is the flash that delivers the power, features and price point to meet that need.

As with previous projects, LumoPro crowd-sourced the additional features from the Strobist® community, a popular online group of photographers devoted to working with small, battery powered flashes. This creative and sophisticated group led the developers to create the tool to meet the demand.

Improvements included in this new model are impressive and built to fit the needs of today's working photographers. The LP160 features twice the power and quicker recycling for faster shooting. The Full to 1/64th power setting and digital optical slave make the flash more usable under low light situations. A 7degree tilt, metal hot-shoe, electronic zoom, and improved body construction add to the long list of features for professionals.

All other features from the popular LP120 are present, including the Optical slave, PC and Miniphone syncro ports, and manual power adjustments. The power output of the LP160 is equivalent to the top of the line flashes from camera manufacturers such as Canon and Nikon.

An exciting new feature will allow even more integration with existing flash systems.The new digital optical slave will ignore a single 'pre-flash' - a common feature of TTL flashes for obtaining exposure information. This important addition enables photographers to manually control the LP160, in conjunction with their TTL flashes, without transmitting a TTL signal or exposure information, or having the LP160 fire when the pre-flash activates. This function will work when you have a TTL flash on your camera or when using the built-in on-camera flash.

Note for Canon DSLR users:
If you are using your built-in, on-camera flash to trigger an LP160, make sure Wireless mode is turned off.You can use either E-TTL or Manual settings to trigger the flash.

NOTE: The ability to use this feature in conjunction with a camera manufacturer's proprietary Master / Slave wireless technology will be dependent on the camera and flash used as well as the firmware applied to those units.  The below chart demonstrates our findings.

LumoPro LP160 with Camera Manufacturer Master / Slave TTL Configurations
This chart details results when using the camera manufacturers proprietary TTL Master / Slave technology only. The limitations identified only exist when using these technologies. There are no known issues with triggering your flash via normal TTL or manual modes.
CameraFirmwareMasterSlaveLP160 Result
Canon 60D1.0.5580EXII430 EX IIIn 'S' mode, syncs EXCEPT on full power.
Canon 7D1.2.3 (current)580EXII430 EX IIWill not sync
Canon 5D2.0.4 and 2.0.8580EXII430 EX IIWill not sync
Canon T2i1.0.8580EXII430 EX IIWill not sync
Nikon D300sA, B 1.01SB-900SB-700In 'S' mode, syncs EXCEPT on full power.
Nikon D700A 1.02, B 1.02SB-900SB-700In 'S' mode, syncs EXCEPT on full power.
Nikon D3100A 1.0, B 1.0, L 1.002SB-900SB-700Full function in 'Si' mode
Nikon D90A, B, L 1.00SB-900SB-700Full function in 'Si' mode
Nikon D7000A 1.01, B 1.01, L 1.002SB-900SB-700Full function in 'Si' mode
Sony A2901Pop-upHVL-F58AMIn 'S' mode syncs below 1/2 power.
Sony A3901Pop-upHVL-F58AMIn 'S' mode syncs below 1/2 power.


Guide number: 140 (at ISO 100, feet) (Equivalent to Nikon SB-900 and Canon 580 EX II)
Remote function: Optical Slave, Digital Optical Slave, PC syncro port, miniphone (3.5mm) port
Shoe: Standard ISO, screw lock, single pin, metal construction
Power settings: Full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64
Zoom Settings: 24, 28, 35, 50, 70, 85, 105mm
Wide-angle adapter: Included
Swivel: 270 degrees
Tilt: 187degrees, -7degree tilt for macro photography
Flash ready light: LED front and back
Minimum Recycling Time:
Full power:
4 seconds with AA Ni-MH
Power source: 4 type AA batteries, Including Alkaline-manganese, Lithium, NiMH.
Optional Power Supply 3rd party: Quantum Battery 1+, 1C and 2 with MB5
Dimensions (flat): Aprox. 2.6 x 3.1 x 7.2 in. (66 x 79 x 183 mm)
Weight: 12.8oz (0.8lbs, 362grams)
Supplied accessories: Wide-angle diffuser, Miniphone to PC syncro cable, flash stand.
Warranty: 2 years from date of purchase through authorized LumoPro dealers.


Flash Duration:

Full t.5 : 1/1200, t.1 : 1/450
1/2 t.5 : 1/1300, t.1 : 1/950
1/4 t.5 : 1/2650, t.1 : 1/2250
1/8 t.5 : 1/4750, t.1 : 1/3700
1/16 t.5 : 1/9100, t.1 : 1/6050
1/32 t.5 : 1/18200, t.1 : 1/9450
1/64 t.5 : 1/27800, t.1 : 1/13150

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