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  1. 3' Backlight Stand

    3' Backlight Stand

    Sku: LP602

    - Lightweight aluminum design
    - Removable extension arm makes it perfect for mounting accessories close the ground
    - 4 out of 10 light stands prefer this light stand to an air mattress Learn More
  2. Studio Stand

    Studio Stand

    Sku: LP718

    - Mounts lights and modifiers close to the floor
    - Built-in casters for mobility
    - Stubborn (stands its ground) Learn More
  3. 40" Double Riser C-Stand

    40" Double Riser C-Stand

    Sku: LP690

    - Perfect for heavy duty grip applications in studio or on location
    - Riser detaches and legs fold flat for easy transport
    - Now available in matte black for late night ninja photography! Learn More
  4. Ultra Compact Backlight Stand

    3' Ultra Compact Backlight Stand

    Sku: LP734

    - Provides a compact solution to table top, macro, or backlighting situations
    - One of the world's lightest and smallest light stands
    - Built from rugged aluminum
    - Travels well in cargo shorts / fanny packs Learn More
  5. 8' Air-Cushioned Light Stand

    8' Air-Cushioned Light Stand

    Sku: LP606

    - Lightweight, solid aluminum design
    - Ideal support for lightweight lighting kits
    - Prefers relish over ketchup Learn More
  6. Caster Set for 13' Stand

    Caster Set for 13' Stand

    Sku: LP623

    - Heavy duty casters for the LP610 13' Light Stand
    - Includes three casters and three tension blocks
    - Wheels not recommended for high speed light stand racing Learn More
  7. 13' Air-Cushioned Light Stand

    13' Air-Cushioned Light Stand

    Sku: LP610

    - Lightweight, solid aluminum design
    - Perfect for heavy weight location or studio applications
    - Uses anti-gravitational technology Learn More
  8. Collapsed Stand with Strap Detached

    7.5' Compact Light Stand with Carrying Strap

    Sku: LP605S

    - Easily carry your light stand without a case
    - Great for location shooters
    - Durable and adjustable strap Learn More
  9. 10' Air-Cushioned Light Stand

    10' Air-Cushioned Light Stand

    Sku: LP608

    - Lightweight aluminum design
    - Perfect support for mid-weight lighting kits
    - Fact: Taller than the tallest man that ever lived Learn More
  10. LP605M Light Stand Monopod

    Convertible 7.5' Compact Light Stand and Monopod

    Sku: LP605M

    - Cut the clutter with this combination light stand and monopod
    - Retractable monopod feet feature fluid chamber for smooth videos
    - Recently reached “World-Class” status in the pastime of knitting Learn More

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Items 1 to 10 of 11 total

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