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22" Universal Beauty Dish

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  • 22" Universal Beauty Dish
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  • Universal Beauty Dish mounted to double flash speedring back with speedlights
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22" Universal Beauty Dish II


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Quick Overview

-Fits either monolights or speedlights with correct adapter
- White interior
- Not intended for use as a cereal bowl


The LP956 22" Universal Beauty Dish II is a versatile lighting modifier built for portrait and fashion photography. This beauty dish delivers a soft and wide directional light source to allow photographers to create a stunning image using multiple types of light sources. The dish reflector features a white interior and durable metal construction.

With the adoption of an interchangeable mounting adapter, the Universal Beauty Dish is compatible with many different types of light sources, such as monolights and speedlights. This same multi-mount adapter is used in standard speedrings, including the LumoPro® line of speedrings and the LP739 Double Flash Bracket Speedring. Now photographers can invest in a beauty dish that is adaptable to speedlights, as well as their high-end studio lighting equipment.

The Universal Beauty Dish includes a diffusion sock to further soften your light. Add additional direction and contrast to the beauty dish's light with the LP957 Grid for 22" Universal Beauty Dish.

Find the right adapter to use with your brand of lighting equipment:
LP739 Double Flash Bracket Speedring
LP801 Alien Bees / White Lightning Speedring
LP802 Bowens / S-Type Speedring
LP803 Photogenic Speedring
LP805 Elinchrom Speedring
LP808 Profoto Speedring


Finish:White Interior
Diameter: 22 inches
Depth (without speedring): 7.5 inches
Weight:3 lbs

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