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LP180R Off Camera Flash


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Quick Overview

- Built-in radio receiver
- Remote power and zoom adjustments
- Five ways to sync
- Unable to grow a beard

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About the LP180R  |  What's In The Box  |  Specifications  |  Sync Options  |  High Voltage Battery Port  |  Built-In Gel Slot

About the LP180R:

The LP180R Off Camera Flash features built-in Phottix® Odin™ and Strato™ II Multi receivers, which allow remote triggering using Phottix® Odin™ or Strato™ transmitters, without the need for an external receiver. The internal receiver also enables remote power and zoom adjustments and off-camera Canon, Nikon and Sony TTL compatibility in the LP180R when using a Phottix® Odin™ transmitter. With all the features of the LP180 and the addition of a built-in radio receiver, the LP180R is the next step for photographers looking to extend their OCF reach.

No more running back and forth between your camera and your flash! Photographers can save time and energy by adjusting the LP180R’s settings remotely. Remote adjustments to the LP180R’s power and zoom settings may be made using a Phottix® Odin™ or Phottix® Mitros+™ for Canon, Nikon or Sony.

The LP180R now features five ways to sync: built-in radio receiver, hot shoe, miniphone, PC and optical slave. The built-in radio receiver can be triggered by Phottix® Odin™, Strato™, or Ares™ II transmitters, which saves the expense and complication of an external receiver.

With four different wireless modes, the LP180R gives you the versatility you need. Fire the LP180R on-camera, via the optical slave or using an external trigger using the Wireless Off mode. Or trigger the flash using one of the three wireless radio receiving modes: Odin™ Rx for Canon, Odin™ Rx for Nikon, Odin™ Rx for Sony and Strato™ Rx.

The LP180R also features three flash modes: TTL, Manual and Multi. Canon, Nikon and Sony users can use the LP180R’s TTL mode off-camera to get the right exposure in situations like weddings or events where the lighting environment is changing quickly. TTL controls include 3 stops in 1/3 stop increments.

Manual mode gives you full control over your power and zoom settings, without input from your camera. Make adjustments from full power to 1/128 in 1/3 stop increments. Multi mode is available for Canon, Nikon and Sony users to use for capturing subjects in motion with stroboscopic photography.

Keep your flashes organized with four channels and three groups. Channels and groups can be controlled while using a Phottix® Odin™, Mitros+™, Strato™ II, Ares™ II transmitter.

Depending on your camera model's features, high speed sync (HSS) and second curtain sync (SCS) functionality may be available. Consult your camera's user manual or contact LumoPro for more information.

A ¼"-20 side mount offers flexibility in mounting your flash. When shooting into an umbrella, use the LP180R’s side mount with your swivel and get your light near dead center of the umbrella. Don’t have a light stand? No problem – just use the side mount to attach the LP180 to any tripod or accessory with a ¼"-20 screw.

The LP180’s high voltage battery port allows the use of alternative power sources to give extra life to those AA batteries and decrease recycle time. A high voltage battery can reduce recycle times to 1-2 seconds at full power.

Enjoy full control over your light with 1/3-stop power adjustments and a built-in gel holder. The LP180R continues all features found in the LP180, including: audible flash-ready tone, sleep mode and a backlit LCD screen.

Like the LP180, the LP180R’s durable body design and internal components are built to hold up under heavy use in the toughest environments. An intuitive interface makes the LP180R simple to use straight out of the box. Every unit is backed up by a 2-year international warranty, when purchased from an authorized dealer.

Download the Instruction Manual

What's in the Box:


1- LP180R Quad-Sync Manual Flash

1- Flash Stand

1- Soft Flash Case

1- 3.5mm Miniphone to Miniphone Sync Cord

1- Rosco Color Correction Gels (11 Ct)

1- Rosco Color Effects Gels (11 Ct)

1- Instruction Manual



Power Source

Four 1.5V AA size batteries (Alkaline or rechargable NiMH) NOTE: Do not use Nickel Zinc “NiZn” batteries as those may cause damage to the LP180R.


Built-in OdinTM radio receiver, 3.5mm (1/8”) Miniphone port, PC port, standard ISO hot shoe, built-in optical slave

Recycling Time

4 seconds at full power with fresh NiMH batteries; 1 second at full power with high voltage battery input

Head Tilt Angle

-7°, 0°, 45°, 60°, 75°, 90°

Head Swivel Angle

360° Total
Right: 0°, 60°, 75°, 90°, 120°, 150°, 180°
Left: 0°, 60°, 75°, 90°, 120°, 150°, 180°

Built-In Slave Function

S0 (off), S1 (standard optical slave), and S2-1 through S2-10 (pre-flash synchronization optical slave)

Wireless Modes

Odin™ Rx for Canon (Rx-C), Odin™ Rx for Nikon (Rx-N), Odin™ Rx for Sony (Rx-S) Strato™ II Multi Rx (STRATO II) and Wireless Off (Rx-OFF)

Flash Modes

TTL, Manual and Multi (stroboscopic)


Four (1, 2, 3 and 4)


Three (A, B and C)

Multi Mode (Stroboscopic) Settings

Frequency: 1-199Hz
Number of flashes: 1-100

Sleep Mode/Auto Power-Off

Sleep mode engages after 20 minutes (if enabled)
Auto power-off engages after 3 hours in sleep mode

Built-In Bounce Card

On top of flash head to add extra fill light

Flash Ready Indicator

Front and rear ready LED light, optional flash ready tone

Slave “On” Indicator

Front LED slave mode indicator light

Hot Shoe

Standard ISO size, center pin contact, mounting foot lock foot with drop down locking pin

Optional Power Input

High voltage battery, compatible with Canon®-style cord

USB Connection

USB Mini connection for firmware upgrades

Included Accessories

Flash Stand, Soft Flash Case, 3.5mm Miniphone to Miniphone Sync Cord, Rosco Color Correction Gels (11 Ct), Rosco Color Effects Gels (11 Ct)

Flash Body Dimensions

8.125” (L) x 2.5” (W) x 2” (D)

Flash Head Dimensions

2.875” (W) x 1.75” (H)

Weight (without batteries)

15.5oz (0.97lbs) (440 grams)
(1.88x1021 molecules) (0.07 spider monkeys)

Zoom Adjustments

Auto (Rx-C or Rx-N mode only), 14mm (with wide-angle diffuser), 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 70mm, 80mm, 105mm

Manual Power Adjustments

Full to 1/128th power, adjusted in 1/3 increments

TTL Power Adjustments

-3.0EV to +3.0EV, adjusted in 1/3 increments

Guide Number

Every company measures guide number differently. At LumoPro®, this is how we measure guide number: 
GN= Distance x f/stop,
Distance = 10ft, F/stop at 105mm, ISO 100, Full Power = f/11
10ft x f/11 = 110, GN = 110
The LP180's power is roughly equivalent to the Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT or the Nikon SB-900.

Answers To

LP180R, Flash Master of the Universe, Melody, Illuminator-in-Chief, Dragon, Big LP and Defeater of Darkness. (Does not respond to Shirley.)

Sync Options:

  • Built-In Radio Receiver


    The LP180R Off Camera Flash features built-in Phottix® Odin™ and Strato™ II Multi receivers, which allow remote triggering using Phottix® Odin™ or Strato™ transmitters, without the need for an external receiver. When using a Phottix® Odin™ Flash Transmitter, Phottix® Strato™ II Multi Flash Transmitter or a Phottix® Mitros™+ TTL Transceiver Flash in Odin™ Tx Mode, the LP180R may be wirelessly triggered off-camera via the built-in Odin™ receiver. The LP180R will automatically be triggered by Odin™ or Strato™ II Multi transmitters when the LP180R is in Rx-C, Rx-N, Rx-S or STRATO II wireless modes and set to the appropriate channel and group. The internal receiver also enables remote power and zoom adjustments and off-camera Canon, Nikon and Sony TTL compatibility in the LP180R when using a Phottix® Odin™ transmitter.

  • PC Sync

    Also known as Prontor/Compur, the PC sync port has been around synce the 1930s and continues to be a standard in modern DSLRs and flashes. The PC port is a round port with a center firing pin. While electrically reliable, the connection made between synchronization devices and the port have been on shaky ground since 2010. Early PC connections infamously lost shape and inevitably unmounted from their ports, however the LP180 is now equipped with a modern PC port that allows users to connect screw locking sync cords such as the PocketWizard PC5N.
  • Miniphone Sync: 

    A mono version of what appears to look like a headphone plug, the miniphone port allows users a more secure connection than PC. The LP120 Quad-Sync Manual Flash paved the way for the 3.5mm miniphone sync port in flashes in 2009. Ever since, Lumopro® flashes have been proudly featuring a more secure, easily accessibly, and low profile sync option.
  • Hot Shoe Sync:

    The standard ISO hot shoe is a versatile tool not only for mounting, but for triggering flash units as well. The LP180 is equipped with a slide lock hot shoe with center pin firing for manual triggering. The hot shoe can be mounted to a variety of accessories such as the LP633 Compact Umbrella Swivel for off-camera flash or a DSLR shoe mount for on-camera flash triggering.
  • Optical Slave Sync:

    The optical slave is a unique circuit built into the LP180 designed to detect bursts of light from other flash units in order to complete relay and fire the flash. In basic terms, when the LP180 detects a flash going off, it will simultaneously flash. The LP180 is equipped with multiple optical slave modes. It's most basic mode, "S1," is a basic optical slave that triggers the LP180 when it detects another flash. The LP180 has other settings to ignore digital TTL preflash that occurs when using dedicated flash units. The opcial slave mode "S2-1" ignores digital preflashes for Canon dedicated flashes and "S2-2" will ignore digital pre-flash from Nikon dedicated flashes. In addition, "S2-3" through "S2-10" optical slave modes will ignore a set number of pre-flashes that are usually present in using "Master/Commander" modes with dedicated TTL flash units. Note: Using "S2-3" through "S2-10" is an public beta experiment. These optical slave modes can be used for technical advancement or creative applications. For questions regarding these modes or feel free or to report your findings by emailing think@lumopro.com

High Voltage Battery Port:

The LP180's high voltage battery port allows photographers to use a variety of alternative power sources that will give extra life to the additional four 1.5v AA sized batteries and in addition decrease the time it takes to recycle the flashes power. A high voltage battery can increase recycling times up to 1-2 seconds on full power flash. The high voltage battery port on the LP180 is considered a "Canon style" port and accepts the Canon battery pack model CP-E4. In addition, Quantum Instruments manufacturers Turbo Series high voltage batteries that are compatible with the LP180 when used with Quantum cable models CZ, CCZ, or CZ2. If you have questions regarding additional battery and cable compatibility please email support@lumopro.com. Note:  While firing full power flashes with a high voltage battery, the flash has the potential to overheat. Due to the nature of over heating flashes, the LP180 is equipped with a thermal cut off and will slow recycling to protect internal components. When engaged, the thermal cut off is indicated by a thermometer symbol in the top right hand corner of the LCD panel.

Built-In Gel Slot

The LP180 includes a built-in gel slot, which allows photographers to change the color of light output without a separate gel holder or system. The gel slot is specially-designed for the included gels and bows the gels out and away from the flash head to avoid melting or distorting the gels’ shape. Plus, the LP180 includes a built-in wide angle diffuser and bounce card, giving greater control over light output, even without extra modifiers.

The LP180 includes a special set of color correction and color effects gels by Rosco. These gels are cut a specific dimension to work with the LP180's built in gel slot and allow the gels to bow away from the flash fresnel lens. This prevents permanently melting gels on to your flash and let's your gels surive multiple full power flashes. The LP180 includes the following gels:

Color Correction for Tungsten Color
  • #3407- Full CTO (Converts 6500K to 3200K)
  • #3411- 3/4 CTO (Converts 5500K to 3200K)
  • #3408- 1/2 CTO (Converts 5500K to 3800K)
  • #3409- 1/4 CTO (Converts 5500K to 4500K)  

Color Correction for Fluorescent Color:
  • #3304- Tough Plus Green
  • #3315- 1/2 Tough Plus Green
  • #3316- 1/4 Tough Plus Green  

Color Correction for Cooler Color
  • #3204- Half Blue
  • #3208- Quarter Blue


Color Effects:

  • #12 Straw Yellow
  • #23 Orange
  • #339 Broadway Pink
  • #381 Baldassari Blue
  • #89 Moss Green
  • #2001 Storaro Red
  • #02 Bastard Amber
  • #4815 CalColor 15 Pink
  • #347 Belladonna Rose
  • #117 Tough + White Diffusion
  • #3152- Urban Vapor

Neutral Density:
  • #3402- N.3 (1-Stop)
  • #3415 Neutral Density N.15 (1/2-Stop)

For questions or comments please contact support@lumopro.com

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