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Return Policy

All returns must be handled through the authorized LumoPro dealer where the original purchase was made. Returns of LumoPro products are subject to the dealer’s return policy


Service and Warranty Information

All service requests and warranty claims are handled through the authorized LumoPro® dealer where the product was purchased. Please contact your authorized dealer before sending products in for service and warranty claims. Service and warranty claims will only be honored for products purchased from an authorized LumoPro dealer.


Warranty claims are valid only for the original purchaser of the product. Hardware (Including, but not limited to: stands, grip equipment, clamps, swivels and adapters) hold a 5-year international warranty. Flash units hold a 2-year international warranty. Modifiers, lighting cases and other soft goods hold a 1-year international warranty.


 Warranties are valid on defective product, as determined by LumoPro and/or the authorized dealer where the product was purchased. Warranty claims do not cover issues such as normal wear and tear, user-caused damage, modifications, interdimensional shifts, theft, impact damage, etc.